Vintage Benelli Motorcycle Restoration

Experienced vintage motorcycle mechanics provide expertise in rebuilding a bike back to factory condition.  These experienced motorcycle technicians specialize in making your motorcycle run and look brand new.  Motorcycles that need to be reconditioned can be quite a challenge which is why it is always good to take it to a professional.  These industry leaders have many years in the field on top of it being their true passion.
Vintage motorcycle mechanics will strip down the bike in order to assess every part down to the last bolt to see if the parts need to be replaced or reconditioned.  The tech will meticulously check the engine, transmission, fuel system, electrical system, air system, speedometer, tachometer, frame, gas tank, body, fairings, sprockets, chains, mirrors, reflectors, hand controls, seat, lights, back rest, foot controls, suspension, floor boards, wheels, tires, brakes, luggage equipment, exhaust, racks, handlebars, kickstand, foot pegs and much more to verify if any parts need reconditioning or replacement.

Vintage Benelli Engine and Transmission Restoration

When rebuilding a vintage motorcycle engine and transmission it is important to inspect every single part so repairs to parts that where already taken apart are not needed in the future.  Parts of the vintage motorcycle that needs to be replaced or reconditioned include but are not limited to cylinder heads, gaskets, crankshaft, pistons, circlips, piston rings, oil filler caps, valves, valve springs, valve shims, valve guides, valve covers, valve seals, top end bearings, camshafts, cam chain tensioner, camshaft bushings, push rods, cam chains, clutch lines, clutch basket, clutch, clutch top cover, clutch springs, timing belt, clutch push rods, engine case covers, wrist pen clips, timing belt covers, drain bolt, bearings, oil filter, and much more in order for a motorcycle to run like new again.
Transmissions should be taken apart for inspection to make sure all parts are operating normally.  If parts are worn or damaged replacements are needed which include but not limited to mainshaft drive gears, transmission case, mainshaft drive gear spacer, transmission mainshaft, mainshaft nut, transmission lock kit, transmission to cover, transmission pulley nut, transmission side cover, and much more.

Vintage Benelli Electrical Restoration

Making sure a vintage motorcycles electrical system is completely refurbished will ensure the rider has a dependable motorcycle.  Electrical system reconditioning can be frustrating and should be left to professionals in order for the system to be reliable.  The parts that need to be replaced include but are not limited to the wire harness, alternator, tail lights, spark plugs, brush plate, headlights, ignition switches, turn signals, rectifier, ignition coils, kill switches, stator gaskets, stator, front break light switches, battery, rear break light switches, speedometer, right handlebar starter/stop switch, starters, solenoid, ignition points, horn, starter drive, tachometer, headlight kill switch, and much more in order for the bike to run like new again.

Vintage Benelli Suspension Restoration

Getting a Benelli vintage motorcycle to ride like new will take a suspension rebuild.  Some parts can be used again but oil and rubber parts should be discarded and replaced.  Reconditioning the suspension call for new parts including but not limited to shock absorbers, front fork springs, fork tube clamps, shock rebound separator valves, forks, complete front ends, bearings, fork bushings, rear springs, front fork seals, fork boots, damping rod bushings, kick stands, shock springs, shock seals, fork tube caps, fork seal kits, shock seal head assemblies, rear suspension linkage kits, and much more in order to refurbish the suspension to a like new condition.

Vintage Benelli Wheel Restoration and Tires

Good wheels and tires are very important on a vintage motorcycle and should never be overlooked.  Tires with crakes and unevenness should be discarded and replaced with new ones.  Spoke wheels need to go through a lacing and truing process to ensure the wheels are in manufacture specifications.   Parts that are checked include but are not limited to spokes, tires, rim locks, wheels, sprockets, valve cores, rims, valve stem caps, wheel bearing and seals, chains, valve stem grommets, rim strips, tubes, wheel weights, valve stems, swing arms and much more in order to have a safe riding reconditioned vintage motorcycle that is safe for the user.

Vintage Benelli Brake Restoration

Riding a vintage motorcycle without good brakes is never a good idea.  That’s why when getting a Benelli vintage motorcycle rebuilt professionals make sure the brake system works perfectly in order to give the bike dependable stopping power.  The entire brake system is taken apart for assessment of parts and they are either reconditioned or replaced.  Parts that can be replaced include but are not limited to the brake calipers, brake rotors, brake bleeder nipples, brake drums, brake bleeder nipple caps, brake shoes, brake lines, brake pads, brake caliper seals, and much more to refurbish the brake system and give the rider proper braking while enjoying a day out.

Vintage Benelli Fuel and Air System Restoration

Getting a motorcycle to run correctly depends on the Air to Fuel mixture.  If the motorcycle has too much air and the bike will run lean, too much fuel and the bike will run rich.  When reconditioning a vintage motorcycle the entire fuel system needs to be checked and parts that need to be rebuilt or replaced include but are not limited to jet kits, fuel filters, needle and seat, carburetors, air filter, carburetor mounting flanges, reed valves, carburetor floats and pins, needle jet e-ring, fuel pumps, main jets, accelerator pump, choke assembly, pilot jets, jet needles, and much more to ensure the rider is getting the correct fuel to air ratio.

Vintage Benelli Seat Restoration / Replacement

Seats on a vintage motorcycle can be reconditioned if the leather is not in really bad condition.  If a seat can’t be repaired then the next best thing to do is to pick out some foam and whatever kind of material the rider chooses for a custom look.

Vintage Benelli Exhaust Restoration

When the engine is turned on it is nice to have a great sounding exhaust system.  Chrome exhaust is very popular and always in style.  Wrapping exhaust tape on the pipes is for keeping the heat off the riders legs while helping the motor breathe better.

Vintage Benelli Custom Paint and Body Shop

Taking pride in a custom paint job is a must for any custom paint shop and there are some simple details to know about.  When giving a vintage motorcycle a custom paint job the first thing to know is if the shop is using the best materials.  Striping all the original paint off is also what professional do in order to give a customer the best paint job possible.
Chrome plating and polishing motorcycle parts are a must for restoring vintage motorcycles.  Powder coating, chrome plating, and polishing services in a state of the art facility will always be the best choice instead of a local guy doing it in their garage.

Benelli Motorcycle History

Benelli is one of the oldest European motorcycles factories established in 1911 in Pesaro, Italy. After Mr. Benelli died the mother, Teresa Benelli and her 6 sons Domenico, Filippo, Francesco, Giovanni, Giuseppe, and Antonio decided to go into business for themselves. Giovanni and Giuseppe left for Switzerland to study engineering which paid off as they started garage to repair bicycles and motorcycles. Benelli repaired parts for Italian machines during the first world war. They were able to produce a motorcycle for the public in 1919. A 2 stroke single cylinder 75cc engine was built and installed onto a bicycle frame in 1920. The next model was a 98cc engine to make the first motorcycle for Benelli in 1921. The youngest brother Antonio, also known as “Tonino The Terrible”, began racing specially modified versions in competitions during 1923.

The company’s ability to design and produce exceptional motorcycles was confirmed as Tonino proved to be quite skillful on the track. Tonino won 4 Italian championship titles across a span of 5 years on the Benelli 175 which featured a single overhead camshaft (SOHC), and then switched to a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) in 1931. The 4 cylinder supercharged 250cc racing motorcycle was introduced by Benelli with World War 2 on the horizon. Due to the massive devastation left in the wake of World War 2 Benelli was not able to resume production again until 1949. They modified all the left over motorcycles from the war into civilian models so they could produce enough capital to resume manufacturing. Once the assembly lines were up again that began mass production again.