Vintage Norton Motorcycle Restoration

DIY vintage Norton motorcycle restoration can be fun & challenging. There are professionals can also restore a vintage Norton motorcycle affordably which can save you a lot of time. Finding a professional vintage motorcycle mechanic for a total Norton restoration will ensure the job gets done right. A vintage motorcycle rider wants someone who will make their prized possession look and ride like knew with a sense of reliability.  It is not easy to fully recondition a vintage motorcycle otherwise everyone would be doing it. This is why finding a reputable shop with certified mechanics who have years in the field is always the best choice when refurbishing a vintage motorcycle. Letting a mechanic who does not know what they are doing could end up being very costly so getting the job done be professionals.

In order to ensure the vintage motorcycle looks and rides like it just came off the assembly line the entire motorcycle is stripped down to the very last bolt in order to perform a visual inspection. The mechanic will carefully check out parts that include but are not limited to the frame, engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, exhaust, fuel system, wheels, chains, foot pegs, hand controls, electrical system, tires, foot controls, gas tank, mirrors, luggage equipment, kickstand, floor boards, air system, seat, tachometer, back rest, racks, fairings, lights, handlebars, sprockets, speedometer, reflectors, body and much when refurbishing a vintage Norton motorcycle.  Parts are carefully kept together for reassembly and if damaged parts are found replacement parts should be ordered.

Vintage Norton Custom Paint and Body Shop

Finding a custom paint and body shop for a vintage motorcycle that is top notch can be hard to find.  Having a reputable paint and body shop is a must when reconditioning a vintage motorcycle in order to make the bike look brand new while adding value.  Always take the bike to a state of the art facility and never take the motorcycle to a so called professional who paints out of their houses garage.   Stripping the motorcycle all the way down will ensure that the paint job is done right while also assessing the body and frame for damage that needs to be reconditioned.
Chrome plating can restore the parts of the motorcycle that need to shine while polishing parts can also give the vintage motorcycle a clean look.  Powder coating the bike really gives it a new look as it should only be done by industry leaders and never should be in the hands of a novice.  These bikes are part of history and should only be restored the correct way to keep the value up on top of looking like it just came from the factory.

Vintage Norton Engine and Transmission Rebuilding & Restoration

Rebuilding the engine and transmission of a vintage motorcycle takes a certain level of intellect.  Not all mechanics these days can recondition an engine and most of them send the engines off to a specialty shop in order for the job to be done the right way.  When the engine and transmission is taken apart the mating surface of the gaskets are inspected.  If there is build up or residue on the surface it will be reconditioned for totally smooth surface for the new gasket to go on.  The studs and holes are inspected and if stripped a tap and die procedure is done on the holes while new studs are put on or reconditioned.
The internal parts of the motorcycle engine include but are not limited to the piston, intake valves, piston rings, exhaust valves, and much more that is inspected and washed.  The internal parts of the transmission include but are not limited to the clutch, gears, counter balancers, gear shifters, crankcase rods, gearbox, kick starter and much more.  If the internal parts are deemed reusable then they will be reconditioned.  If the internal parts of the motor is deemed non repairable then replacement part are used.  The engine cases of the engine are soda blasted to ensure a smooth surface.  The covers will either be polished or chrome plated depending on what the enthusiast preference is.  In some cases Powder coating is done with a wrinkle finish depending on what kind of look you want the motorcycle to have.

Vintage Norton Electrical Restoration & Repair

Making sure the electrical system of a vintage motorcycle is very important in order to ensure optimum performance.  Once the bike is taken apart all of the electrical parts are attentively inspected and if parts are not deemed to be reconditioned replacement parts will be needed.  Parts that are inspected include but are not limited to the starter, rectifier, spark plugs, generator / alternator, spark plug boots, lights, electronic ignition and much more.  Once everything is tested and put back together a new battery should be installed and all of the electrical components should go through a test to make sure they are operating a peak performance.

Vintage Norton Suspension Restoration

When having a vintage motorcycle restored the suspension should be reconditioned in order to achieve maximum performance from the bike.  Front forks should be refurbished with replacement parts and new fork fluid while also aligning the front forks for total restoration.  There should be no oil leaks or worn parts when the suspension is totally refurbished.  For the rear suspension it will possibly have a swing arm that will need to be reconditioned.  If not shocks and springs will be present and will need to be rebuilt according to parts worn or damaged.  Having a nice ridding suspension is not an option if the rider truly wants a total restoration of a vintage motorcycle.

Vintage Norton Wheel Restoration and Tires

When restoring a vintage motorcycle the first thing that should be discarded and then recycled would be the tires and tubes if they are worn down or old.  If the rims and spokes on the wheels are damaged or rusted then they need to be replaced unless they are repairable.  After the inspection of the whole wheel, lacing and truing are required in order for the wheel to roll without being off balance.
Sprockets and chains are looked at while the bike is apart and if the parts are worn they should be replaced.  If not replaced problems that could occur include but are not limited to flexing or bending of the chain, winding onto the sprocket, vibrations, noises, and the chain could ride up on the sprocket just for a few examples.
Brakes on a vintage motorcycle should be thoroughly gone through in order to ensure maximum rider safety.  The brake system should be checked for parts that need to be replaced or rebuilt that would include but are not limited to brake drums, brake shoes, brake lines, brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, brake bleeder nipples, brake caliper seals, brake bleeder nipple caps and much more.  Refurbishing the entire brake system will be needed in order for a total restoration of a vintage motorcycle.

Vintage Norton Fuel and Air System Restoration

When rebuilding a vintage Norton Motorcycle having the correct air fuel mixture is very important in order to complete a total restoration.  If the bike runs too rich (too much fuel) or too lean (too much air) the fuel and air system will need to be repaired in order for the motorcycle to run correctly.  When going through the reconditioning phase of a motorcycle the parts that need assessment would include but are limited to the carburetors, the jet kits, main jets, pilot jets, needle and seat, jet needles, reed valves, fuel filters, carburetor floats and pins, choke assembly, fuel pumps, carburetor mounting flanges, needle jet e-ring, accelerator pump, air filter and much more in order to provide the correct air to fuel ratio.

Vintage Norton Exhaust Restoration & Replacement

When cruising around it is ideal to have an exhaust system that does not have a ton of backfire.  Making sure the exhaust is nice looking while also sounding great will make people want to stop and stare.  One of the number 1 aftermarket parts to sell on any motorcycle is the exhaust system so when restoring a vintage motorcycle it is a must to have a great looking nice sounding exhaust system.  Some riders like the chrome look in order to make their vintage motorcycles stand out.  Other motorcycle riders prefer to tape up the exhaust which helps keep heat from the legs of the motorcycle rider while also giving it a more retro look.

Vintage Norton Seat Restoration

Nothing is worse than pulling up on your vintage motorcycle that has a great sounding engine and nice paint job only to get off and have a seat full of holes with cushion hanging out of the beat up old leather seat.  In some cases getting the seats refurbished by a professional is great but in other cases some seat may need new pieces like leather or foam.  Getting a new Norton café racer seat or interstate café racer motorcycle seat can really give your vintage motorcycle a brand new look while also giving the rider comfort.

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