Total Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Service

Total Restoration Service should mean exactly that. Every part should be thoroughly inspected, tested, painted, polished, upgraded, repaired or replaced. Your bike should look, feel, sound, run, and ride like new again – or even better. The process begins by stripping the bike all the way down to the bare frame where all parts are then cleaned and inspected carefully. The frame is studied to make sure it looks good and that the structural integrity is intact. Wiring and electrical systems are checked to see whether upgrades or replacements will be needed. The engine and transmission are rebuilt to exact specifications ensuring top performance. Gas tanks are checked carefully to make sure there are no leaks, rust, or corrosion before they are cleaned and sealed. Fuel lines and carburetors are cleaned and / or rebuilt for optimum efficiency. The brake system including rotors, calipers, pads, master cylinders, hand and foot controls are rebuilt and safety tested. All hardware including screws, nuts, bolts, pins, and more are refurbished or replaced. Steering systems are checked and bearings are repacked or replaced. All body parts are carefully checked to make sure every curve and contour show off the bikes original look. Once the body work is complete the parts are painted in a paint booth with a heated system that bakes the paint to a perfect showroom finish. All chrome parts are re-chromed or Cad plated and aluminum parts are polished and shined to look like new again. Wheels and tires are given special treatment to ensure every inch looks brilliant. The seat is recovered after new foam is added for a comfortable ride and original look. Shops should operate under strict safety standards in order to provide the very best mechanical services for your vintage motorcycle restoration project.