Vintage F.B. Mondial Motorcycle Restoration

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Vintage FB Mondial Engine & Transmission Restoration and Rebuilding

In order to completely rebuild the motor it will be disassembled and cleaned while parts that will be inspected include but are not limited to: valve springs, cam chain tensioner, camshaft bushings, gaskets, valve seals, cam chain, wrist pin bushings, push rods, camshaft, piston rings, top end bearings, drain bolt, cylinder head, timing belt cover, exhaust valves, tachometer, crankshaft, oil filter, circlips, pistons, engine case covers, valve covers, valve guides, valve buckets, intake valves, oil filler cap, valve shims and more in order to recondition the motor on a vintage bike. Our staff will evaluate the transmission on the bike to replace or restore parts to ensure smooth shifting on the vintage motorcycle. Parts that will be cleaned and inspected are: transmission side cover, clutch cable, mainshaft drive gear spacer, mainshaft drive gears, clutch top cover, transmission pulley nut, clutch push rod, transmission mainshaft, clutch plates, transmission lock kit, mainshaft nut, transmission top cover, clutch basket, mainshaft drive gear, transmission case, clutch springs and more to rebuild the transmission on a vintage bike.

Vintage FB Mondial Motorcycle Electrical Restoration

To ensure the electrical system on a vintage bike works correctly the vintage motorcycle mechanic will inspect the following parts: stator gasket, rear brake light switch, spark plugs, ignition points, horn, headlight, starter drive, alternator / generator, start / stop switch, solenoid, headlight switch, stator, ignition coil, brush plate, front brake light switch, tail lights, wire harness, ignition switch, rectifier, kill switch and a battery to refurbish the electrical system on a vintage bike. In some cases rewiring might be needed depending on the state of the bikes electrical system.